Una de lexicògrafs

Ara que el Gazophylacium, se’n va de vacances, trobo per casualitat una anècdota de lexicògrafs que crec que li agradaria:

The DARE project, as it is known, was initiated in the 1950s by Frederic Cassidy, a well-known linguist who sent field workers out across the country in “word wagons” to interview people. Cassidy’s catalogers talked to nearly 3,000 people over six years, making recordings along the way in order to capture pronunciations.
The first volume of the DARE was released in 1975, with additional volumes following in time. But the final volume still had not been published by the time of Cassidy’s death in 2000, and the linguist’s tombstone reads, “On to Z!”
Now, after five decades of research, “S to Z” of the DARE will be published next year.
(NPR, via Mighty Red Pen)

No em negareu que això de la làpida té un aire de llegenda urbana… (i una cerca ràpida a les imatges del Google no ho confirma, però tampoc no vol dir res).