Aquesta setmana m’hauria agradat…

… haver fet això:

I am in need of a reading binge. Do you ever crave those? You take a couple days off of work to just wallow in reading. It’s been awhile since I’ve had one of those and with the rate of book acquisition around this house, a binge is a fast approaching necessity. […] perhaps I can get away with–dare I wish for it?–a whole week! […]
Perfect binge reading weather comes at the end of December and into January. Now it really is cold and I can lounge around in fleecy clothes, socks, and a blanket. And of course, there is a hot drink by my side. […]

(llegit per casualitat fa temps a ‘So many books‘)

En canvi, m’he dedicat a altres coses, la majoria agradables i que tampoc no cal explicar al bloc. La idea del «reading binge», però, sí que me l’apunto. Sobretot per si trobo una manera més atractiva de dir-ho en català que «un fart de llegir»…

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